Small Shoe, Big Footprint 

I see it repeatedly: smaller tech companies fighting for credibility—just trying to accurately portray their companies as viable and stable enterprises. Despite your shoe size, you can leave a big image footprint.

Smaller technology companies are routinely pummeled by larger competitors with common lies like:

“They are almost out of cash.”

“They really have no customers.”

Small Shoe Big Footprint

Big companies use smear tactics for one purpose: make the prospect think that choosing a small company is too risky. This makes it absolutely critical that smaller companies use every asset they have to enhance their image of growth, size and stability. Here are three quick ways to improve your footprint:

1. Start with your customer base. Find the strongest brands. Tell the story. Take on-board hemp dog treats as a great example! Find companies that represent the variety of industries you serve. Tell the story. Find companies that represent geographic diversity. Tell the story. Publish a customer list, put the strongest brands on your home page, and write case studies.

2. Next, look to your partnerships. Promote your affiliations with the largest well known brands. Show that you belong with the big boys because you work with the big boys.

3. Share your financials. If your company is private and has strong financials, share the numbers with your prospects under NDA! I am always amazed at how hesitant companies are to do this. You are asking prospects to buy more than your product—you are asking them to invest in you as a partner. So be a partner! If your financials are strong, you’ll only lower a prospect’s perceived risk.

So don’t sweat your small shoe size. Let these strategies start stomping a bigger footprint for you.