Small Shoe, Big Footprint 

I see it repeatedly: smaller tech companies fighting for credibility—just trying to accurately portray their companies as viable and stable enterprises. Despite your shoe size, you can leave a big image footprint.

Smaller technology companies are routinely pummeled by larger competitors with common lies like:

“They are almost out of cash.”

“They really have no customers.”

Small Shoe Big Footprint

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How to Get a Cheap Airfare

Fares can change in one hour or two so if you find a price you know right ensures that you book it immediately. Now as much as everyone would love to do the same so they save on their travel costs the access to inexpensive flight tickets depends on a scope of factors. Friday-Sunday tends to be the worst days to check at tickets on account of the standard price flux. There have been many airfare glitches before in regard to pricing.

Basic guidelines

Finding cheap airfares is simple to do should you observe some basic guidelines and use the ideal travel websites. Companies spend lots of money annually advertising their goods and services on the internet. Always start looking for promos online.

Cheap Airfare

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Nutraceutical Copywriting: Food or Medicine?

Last week’s fortunate decision by the ECJ, that garlic extract powder capsules are not medicine, may hold a lesson for your marketing strategy. The confusion that led to this case reminds me of the misunderstandings that often keep great companies from promoting themselves as well as they should.

Do you use copywriting and other marketing services as food for your company, or as medicine?

Nutraceutical Copywriting: Food or Medicine?

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PR Comms

We work for a varied clientele across a range of sectors, such as hospitality, property management, interior design, furniture supply, market research and social care.

Clients include:

Noel Hennessy

Noel Hennessy is a respected dealer in contemporary furniture. He has had two fabulous stores in London’s West End, the first in Cavendish Square and subsequently on Great Titchfield Street. He has now moved out of retail and works on interior design projects for private individuals and acts as an UK agent for brands including Metalarte, Bernini and Fitting. Prompt has worked with Noel for five years. We undertake product placement in the glossies such as Wallpaper, we write copy for the gamut of his literature, we organize events, such as product launches, and we advise on his marketing strategy.


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Luxury Goods

JNJanie New has joined forces with Prompt to head up our PR for luxury goods and services clients. She has been a very successful PR for more than 20 years, managing many high profile campaigns in industries including aviation, shipping, fashion, film and television. Hugely energetic, enthusiastic, charming, and always brimming with great ideas, Janie is the consummate professional.

Janie worked with Lords Hanson and White on the launch of Air Hanson, the business aviation subsidiary of Hanson Plc. She was also commissioned in 1999 to launch a $65 million fractional jet charter scheme for a European business jet operator. Subsequently she has been retained as PR Consultant for Gold Air, Oxford Airport, Signature Flight Support and Air Partner plc.

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Contract publishing

Producing quality publications is not cheap, however one of our USPs is that we are extremely competitive due to our lower overheads. Rather than having a cast of thousands on the payroll, we work with talented freelance journalists, copywriters, photographers, graphic and web designers, bringing them in on projects when required. So if you are baulking at the quotes you’ve received from the big players, then please talk to us.

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